After three consecutive successful years in the United States, it is today announced that the Worthouse Drift team will be withdrawing from the 2020 season. Furthermore driver James Deane will no longer be driving for the two car outfit.

2020 has presented a host of difficulties with the pandemic. These enduring effects are the main reason for not attending the championship. Both drivers will be pursuing independent programs in their own time.

Piotr and James created a legacy within the sport as their great achievements went hand in hand with their great friendship. Worthouse drift team was focussed on representing Europe proudly on the grid and creating moments that will be with both drivers for a lifetime.

James Deane: “Worthouse drift team gave me the keys to follow my dreams and compete against the best in the world professionally in Formula Drift. It’s been an incredible three years together winning 3 championships and multiple events and what we achieved has blown past anything I could have ever dreamed of. I really appreciate the support the team provided me and will be forever grateful to Piotr and everybody involved in making this dream become a reality.”

There is great respect and gratitude towards James and everything he achieved in his time on the team. Worthouse Team will continue to support him as a friend and competitor.

Piotr Wiecek: “The last three years were like a dream come true for me. With James we have built something really special, something we can all be proud of. James was always my toughest competitor on the track but most of all a great and true friend. I believe our friendship will stay as it always was. I have enjoyed every moment of our journey and I am grateful for everything James brought to the team. I wish him every success in this new chapter we are about to start. The great story we wrote together is something I will never forget.”

Piotr Wiecek and James Deane each begin a new chapter as of now, and both look to the future positively. 2021 plans for each driver are currently in progress, these will be communicated when they are complete.

Please get in contact with any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Worthouse Drift Team

Marcin Czachorski

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